A journey through material, colours and their music: Bamboo, Slate, Red, Black, Grey and Sandstone..

The paths leading to travelling and dreaming: ‘La vie sexuelle dans la Chine ancienne’ by Robert Van Gulik, ‘A. Mari Jaloux, Femmes fidèles’ by Li Yu, ‘Une matinée d’amour pur’ by Yukio Mishima.

“It is asserted in the East that the best way to cross a square is to cover its three sides”
Extract from ‘The seven pillars of wisdom’ by T.E Lawrence.

Another Bedrooms :
 ‘Afrique’ (Africa)   ‘Petite Mer’(Small Sea)


‘Orient’ : Spacious room (over 30m²), a large double bed (160x200cm), parquet floor in solid wood (Bamboo), contemporary decoration: Luxembourg pieces of furniture, bed, office desk, wardrobe, bedside cabinets, shelving for luggage, chairs and armchairs, Artemide and Cubo Luce lights. Shower cubicle (1x1m), towel dryer, 2 washbasins and separate toilets. Wifi internet access.

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